Chexie Wha?

Back in the days of pre-texting (yes, there really was such a time) and AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) ruled the land (or at least it did in my 16-year-old world), it was all about how cool your "sCreeN_NaMe" was.  I suppose it would be compared to how one comes up with their @Instagram handles these days?  Stumped with what to finally create as I opened my AOL Free 30-Day Trial CD, lo and behold was a bag of ChexMix on the kitchen counter.  I admit I haven't had the oh-so-delicious snack for awhile now, but was I ever so addicted to them then (back when it was just Traditional and Cheddar flavors too)! 

So fastforward x years later, for the sake of posterity and more likely for just sticking with the screen name I assigned to myself way back when, Chexiemix exists.  In retrospect, it serves its purpose for naming this Etsy store too, (the MIX part, anyway) since I truly have yet to narrow down what items to post on here!   I have created party decorations ranging from banners, cupcake toppers, and table numbers, to designing and constructing my own wedding invitation suite.  I'll soon enough be brave enough to join the world of actual sellers on this site!

So, thank you!!! ..for stopping by this page, and stay tuned for more to come!

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